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What's wrong with us? One perspective.

Pathos is the word when speaking of argument appealing to emotion. Logos is human reason and the classification of argument appealing to reason. Ethos is argument appealing to ethics. Pathos is where we get the word "pathology." Logos is the manifestation of God in creation. Ethos is not only appeal to morals, but more accurately an appeal to a particular culture's values and beliefs.

Did the ancients use "pathos" as a term to define argument from emotion goes against healthy human decision making allowing it to suffer? Does anyone who lets emotion sway their reason or allow another to prey on their emotions overriding their reason become ill with a diseased ordering of their humanity? The totality of ancient testimony seems to suggest "yes" as an answer. I have found no one respected in the ancient world who thought otherwise. With this "yes" answer, an appeal to emotion would be a fallacy in argument.

Men have their disposition towards reason. Women have their disposition towards emotion. Therefore, civilization is patriarchal and ought to be run by men. Also, women ought to run the household and our families should highly-esteem the matriarchs. Men run schools and train citizens to steer society towards Logos and make civilized decisions according to Logos in society's law and politics, the economy's wealth and business, any safety net for health and welfare. Women raise children in love, which starts as base emotion but women nurture this towards the greatest spiritual characteristic, a vital characteristic of one's spirituality and humanity. Men and women are each gifted by their design, by God our Creator, to form a part of our humanity that makes one healthy by well-mindedness (reasonableness in all things) and positive emotions (love in all things).

Men and women are both formed by ethos. Today ethos often seems confused with emotion (since society is becoming effeminate). Since the conflicts between the sexes seems to stem from an accusation of irrationality on one side and unfeeling on the other, it seems, then, that ethos is the common ground for agreement during serious and difficult conflicts between the sexes. Ethos is different from culture to culture but are often in agreement with conscience. Conscience is also a gift that at times is proper to use in decision making when reason and emotion may fail, since these are corrupted by Man's Fall. However, conscience is a gift by our God and Creator. It is corruptible but not as easily corruptible as emotion (certainly) and reason (oftentimes).

The most superior form of ethos is one not based on conscience or imagined up by brilliant people but a way of life revealed by God. This form of ethos is based on our arche given by our Maker to pursue telos towards Christ. Arche is the active cause and orgin of a thing. Telos is the aim in life, the purpose of a thing. God reveals ethos for knowing our arche to attain our telos. The people who accept this culture, way of life, ethos are the people of God, i.e. the Church. This is what makes us a true person and no longer subhuman but truly human.

The abandonment of this understanding seems to have started in atheist philosophy abandoning the beautiful life in the Church and really started becoming forgotten with feminism. This led to destruction of a proper understanding of men and women, then families, then society. It is now led to the point where our political discourse is about existential problems.

We have a commitment to infanticide before birth (abortion) and compassionate killings of our elderly before they should die (euthanasia). Too many in between are a victim of hate crimes or sent away to fight pointless wars. Too many who survive all these things are drug addicts, sexually deviant, or educated as "useful idiots" to further any of these dark agendas. At worst, some sell their souls and become the tools of demons as leaders for this pursuit to annihilate all things good. All political parties despite their rhetoric preserve these atrocities.

This is basic Christian teaching on logos, pathos, and ethos. However, in the ancient world, every educated person knew this. Everyone else instinctively knew these things but probably could not articulate it. The modern post-Christian advance for the last 400 to 500 years is only a rejection of core, foundational, and basic human existence and growth. Sick and power-craved individuals have inflicted all these pathogens on us for our control. This has occurred for many generations and it is imperative to see this as a multi-generational problem. If one can see this, then he is taking a step in the right direction to correct it in himself.

Solving the Political Issues of Today

I should preface this post by stating that the Hegelian dialectic of history is an absolutely absurd "philosophical" thought. This thinking has been the source of much social upheaval and bloodshed since its formation. Social advancement is not a force of history; we are not advancing towards any utopia. Christian truth teaches us there is movement but towards God's salvific will for mankind or towards the machinations of the evil one. This is why statements like, "It's [insert current year here]! We should have moved on from this!" are ridiculous statements. We will never get past anything, no matter if it is the current year, as long as the issue in question leads us away from communing with our Creator, Jesus Christ. Just because it is the current year, does not take away from the reality that there is a way of light and a way of darkness and that God gives reality and existence to all things.

Add to this that "there is nothing new under the sun" (Ecclesiastes 1:9). With this proper understanding of history, one can now see why we can learn from the past. History does repeat itself just with different actors, different stages, and different props. It is also interesting to note that the ancient world did not speak of "economic crisis" or used the word "crisis" at all like we use it today. Instead there it was the "judgement of God" the ancients used to describe any disaster. Of course to the modern and secular mind, this sounds superstitious. However this is simply because they are atheists and have no knowledge on how the cosmos really is sustained.

Judgement of God is falsely understood in the West (from my experience, in ALL the Christian denominations or "non-denominations") and has been for sometime. The judgement of God is NOT mankind breaking the rules of God then God sending punishment for our crimes. No! God is Love and is unchanging. He is not angered one day then happy with us another. This is anthropomorphizing God and such a god does not exist; this is a false God. Instead, the judgement of God is the created order, being out of order, entering back into proper order. If one looks at how St. Symeon the New Theologian described the Fall, one can understand the behavior of creation better. See his Ethical Discourses.

So God actually is sparing society at large from the full consequences of our sins. He is holding back creation desiring to purge itself of the sickness and corruption we bring upon it by not pursuing God's way of Light and Life. God is not the author of evil. He is the Savior from evil. Enough of the folly of the atheist and his egomania.

So, how do we go about solving the huge social, economic, political disaster we experience today? Well first we have to look at everything around us as the Lord would like us to see it. The plethora of problems we face is the judgement of God to lead us to repentance. Other people have been able to turn away from this judgement or wrath of God. Therefore, I am strongly convinced of two things.

One, our problems are the accumulation of so much anti-Christian thought and activity (originally coming from the "churches" and sometimes still coming from Western Christian thought). The only thing that can save us from such a buildup of hostility to authentic and true Christian life is repentance in the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church is alone equips Her Christians with all the necessary tools to accomplish salvation in full while still in this world. I know it seems so far fetched, but if we are really going heal, if this is something we actually want to achieve, then repentance in the Orthodox Church is the only way. She alone produces Saints (i.e. men who have been healed from sin).

Two, in our own history, we have an excellent example how to proceed: the life of King Alfred the Great.
King Alfred as Founder of the British Navy in Stained Glass

"Somebody once called Sir Winston Churchill the greatest Englishman ever. No, Churchill corrected him, the greatest is King Alfred." Source.

King Alfred was a great lawgiver, diplomat, a military organizer par excellance, statesman, war-chief, noblest of nobleman, a serious scholar, and most importantly: a devout Orthodox Christian.

Here is how the English affectionately describe him:

"ALFRED The Light of a Benighted Age
Was a Philosopher and a Christian
The Father of his People
The Founder of the English
       -- Anonymous dedication on King Alfred's Tower (1772).
"We discern across the centuries a commanding and versatile intelligence, wielding with equal force the sword of war and of justice; using in defence arms and policy; cherishing religion, learning, and art in the midst of adversity and danger; welding together a nation, and seeking always across the feuds and hatreds of the age a peace which would smile upon the land."
       -- Winston Churchill
"Alike for what he did and for what he was, there is none to equal Alfred in the whole line of English sovereigns; and no monarch in history ever deserved more truly the epithet of Great."
       -- Encyclop√¶dia Britannica (1911), Volume 1

How does Alfred the Great help us today? A summary of his life is here. First, let me share how his age parallels our age. Then, his solutions will give us direction for our own problems.

King Alfred's world was one of illiteracy. While we are not illiterate, we may as well be illiterate. Think of why we want to have a literate society: increase of knowledge, engage in critical thinking, effective communications. Right? Well with our literacy rate as high as we see it (granted is a great achievement), what advancement has that brought to our reading material. Walk into bookstores, I venture to guess most of it is garbage. Especially in the children's section, utter garbage (the popularity of vampire romances should be enough of an indication). If one takes away the percentage of the population that does not use their literacy to truly increase in knowledge (this would include most of the media, politicians, bureaucrats, entertainers, propagandists in education, bums/welfare cases) or those who use their literacy for the epidemic time wasting (i.e. entertainment), then I bet we are closer to a literacy rate of a few centuries ago than the figure we have today.

Literacy concerns reading ability but just as true regarding writing abilities (see here showing how much greater writing style was between the Victorian era and the modern era). Schools are doing an abysmal job of instilling knowledge compared to only a century ago. See here. The fact that we use less words today than the English did in Shakespeare's day should tell you exactly how well society has done for itself. Instead of exploring new realities, defining things in more detail or giving a larger expression of concepts (all of which would require new words), we do none of these things and avoid them (which means words would drop out of use quicker than new words come into being). Greeks have a huge vocabulary because they were philosophers and theologians for thousands of years. We are not a people of philosophy or theology, but instead entertainment so naturally are vocabulary becomes more primitive.

Literacy is to allow man to engage in critical thinking. Our ability to critically think in the post-modern age is a joke. I think everyone knows it. See here and here. So we are better off than the illiterate world of King Alfred, but still, we are in a dire educational and literary situation.

The other aspect of King Alfred's time was invading pagan hoards that were wrecking havoc in England. The Viking Danes had conquered every English kingdom, except King Alfred's Wessex. The Danes were pagans, they came to England with their idol worship. They had the immortality typical of pagans. The situation was dark and it was a time of war. As the Danes advanced on King Alfred's Wessex. He was faced with the problem of protecting Wessex from the advancing hoard of Danes which had violated all rules of diplomacy. This is where King Added found himself. Yet, he tuned the course of England completely around to affect the whole course of history. He Christianized the pagan, brought peace to the whole of England, and became the king of all the English. What a change! Like today, especially in Europe, you have "refugees" abusing our laws to fool our incompetent leaders that an invasion is not taking place. They are more susceptible to engaging in violent and sexual assaults against each other and (now that they are here) their hosts. Crime statistics clearly show this. They do not contribute to our culture which insane governments now encourage this entry of non-contributors by not considering "liable for public charge" when considering entry. The flow had increased in staggering numbers. Some countries are taking these types of immigrants into their borders by over a million a year. Million plus a year! This is an invasion, they are all young healthy military aged men that have just enough women and children for photo ops.

How did King Alfred approach these problems? Or it would be more accurate to ask: how did he not only solve these problems but completely reverse them to establish himself as sole Ruler of the Saxons (never united as they were until King Alfred) and the Danes (the enemy which had been on the brink of conquering the whole nation)?

When King Alfred had turned the course of English history and defeated Guthrum and the Danes, it was required that he become baptized and join the Church. No doubt King Alfred viewed the war between Saxon and Dane as a matter conflict of Christian and barbarian heathens. King Alfred knew from history and experience there would be no peace in England while the barbarians lived there. He knew of only two solutions. Drive them out or make them Christians. This was multiculturalism in King Alfred's day although being a great man, he knew it had to end or else England would perish. King Alfred, as soon as he could call the shots, made brilliant decisions that showed his greatness. He diplomatically and mercifully allowed the Danes to keep their land (Danelaw) where they had been long settled but on the condition that they be baptized into the Church. Guthrum and many with him submitted to this with King Alfred standing in as his sponsor and god-father.

These elements may seem just like historic points, but there is much that is going on here that truly brought peace to England. A low-Church Protestant would not see it and would probably disagree with King Alfred's decision of a "forced conversion." However, this disagreement is only a result of ignorance about historic and liturgical Christianity, which is the Christianity guided by the Holy Spirit from Christ and His Apostles. So let me explain in two points what is happening here for those who are not Christian or inside denominations (especially "non-denominations") that have never received an authentic and full Christian worldview. A third point will cover King Alfred and education.

First, he was committed to driving them out, but let them stay on their conversion to Christianity. Saxons and Danes were killing each other and the Danes were absolutely brutal and the English were in a struggle for their survival. Today, when enemies enter into our land and come among our people we say they are "enriching our society". People who say this are insane. Well, the Danes were enriching English society and making it diverse by their violence, blood-lust, and inclination towards rape. As they spread across England, King Alfred was the only one to drive them into the sea. However, he never did drive them into the sea and still achieved peace. As a great warrior but also diplomat he was always offering the olive branch towards the Danes and willing to let them stay in England. But King Alfred knew that God is one, therefore to receive the peace of God, a people must be one. One, not only in name but mind and heart. This oneness only occurs in Christ. We only receive the peace of God if we unite to God. This is done by our organic and true union to the Body of God, the Body of Christ, i.e. the Church. The act of baptism joins one to this Church and usher in peace. This is the Church's message to bring peace to society. Since Guthrum and the Danes now could participate in the peace and oneness of the Christian English people, they preserved the English nation and made it greater than it had been since anyone could remember without having to expel the Danes.

Second, the requirement of baptism did not really make Guthrum a Christian, some might argue. This line of thinking is the same thinking that rejects infant baptism. An infant cannot really be a Christian since they have not made a rational and conscious decision to be a Christian. These concepts of an "age of accountability" or "age of reason" are foreign viruses in the Christian worldview. They came about from the atheist line of thinking found in the "Enlighenment" (which was not enlightening). The historic and proper perspective and worldview regarding infant baptism (the same understanding that would bring King Alfred to require Guthrum's baptism) is that the mature Christian knows what is good for a person and under illumination from the Holy Spirit can bring men to salvation. Christians have the light of God and with this light sees the spiritual conditions that are best for people whether they realize it or not. So, maybe not understanding entirely what is happening, we baptize them. They must be free to choose to accept the road to salvation every day, every hour, every moment, just like any other Christian. However, due to the conditions that brought them into the Church, they have sponsors or godparents. The remarkable thing about King Alfred is that he personally put this responsibility on himself.

King Alfred as Guthrum's godfather also speaks to the greatness of King Alfred. By doing this, King Alfred put himself into a position as personally responsible for the soul of Guthrum and helping him into salvation. This speaks the the devoutness and the seriousness King Alfred had towards making the Dane's Christian for the health of English society and personal care for these new subjects. The ancient practice of sponsors was a result of so many people entering into the Church that a bishop could not get to know so many people well enough to see if they were ready to receive baptism. So he took trusted and holy deacons and virgins to vouch for their readiness. These were the first godparents. Due to their sanctity, the bishop could trust their judgement. Infant baptisms quickly received these same men and women of the Christian community to step in as sponsors because the bishop could rely on them and their spiritual advancement to do well in guiding the growing infant into a Christian adulthood. This is the history of sponsors and godparents. It is a great responsibility because the Church expects the godparent to make a Christian. King Alfred understood these things and he accepted this fearful role to personally commit his soul to Christianize his former enemy.

Third, King Alfred revitalized learning by gathering resources all over England and from abroad. He gathered books, he gathered scholars and formed a court school and curriculum for English education. He used English for the education as many as he could educate, but those who wished to enter into the clergy would continue their education in Latin. King Alfred believed that without education, there would be little Christian wisdom and no success in English endeavors, the nation would fail and he was seeing this unfold before his eyes.

This is a most excellent model in dealing with our societal brokenness. I am convinced nothing in King Alfred's solution cannot be applied to today. I am convinced Orthodoxy is the only cure for society, there is no doubt in my mind. The Orthodox Church needs to grow spiritually so that we produce our own saints. The Orthodox Church needs to grow in numbers so the we have workers for this harvest and can shine the light of Christ into men's souls. It does not matter one bit that this happened many centuries ago, it is a completely irrelevant point. This is because (as mentioned at the beginning) there is not dialectic of history and we are not advancing towards any great progressive utopia.

We must drive out any foreign elements that do not share our values or we will have not peace, it will be a culture of chaos, violence, and death. Driving out that which is alien often does require aggression. The point is, these things are here now anyway. How many victims, who look to their leaders for security must be sacrificed, in their own homeland, to accommodate the foreign and alien. Diversity in food, music, and skin color is not a price worth paying if the poverty, violence, and illiteracy of the third world comes along with it (granted this part is only my opinion). This is the politics of today. Diversity, understood today, is not a value it is a destructive agent. Oneness is a value since God is one. We are not nations of immigrants. Some families settled this land, fought for independence or freedom, gave birth to the nation, created our local, state, and national governments, and wrote our first laws. No one ought to have a greater say in the direction of our nation than them. This is their home.

I know this sounds mean. We cannot fall into the trap of being nice people. I have become convinced that nice is simply a word to control people and/or hinder real communication. What is nice? Not mean? Well what is that? Nice is a word that has no meaning. If someone is calling a person nice or mean, all they consciously or subconsciously are saying is how well they conform to the secular and atheist values of today. If you do not speak to women about abortion, that is nice of you. If you welcome foreign invaders into your homeland you are being nice to them. You are a nice person. We need to wake up and come to our senses. Stop caring what the evil powers tell you and follow the example of King Alfred! Pray for the salvation of the foreigner that invades your home! While they resist you, take care to achieve victory in driving them out. It is both together until peace is reached.

We should work to save them and bring them to Christ and His Church at every moment. We must stress the importance that we will not have peace while we have diversity. We should unite all things to the oneness of Christ since he is the true source of peace. We will not longer have  the necessity of driving anyone out if we can do this. Meanwhile, we must also look to ourselves. Our education is the result of those who wish to control us and initiate us into the kingdom of Satan. Yes, the schools are this bad, the question is whether you have the eyes to see it. Some things were universally believed in the ancient world. Largely because when not followed the awful consequences that occurred would convince everyone of the truth of these things. Now, you only find it in small portions of Christianity since what passes for Christianity follows the world into darkness it is just a generation or two removed. Look to the ancient paths, as the Prophet Jeremiah exhorts.  We need to learn from the wisdom we have abandoned from the past. To keep moving blindly towards an imaginary non-existent utopia by casting aside the accumulated wisdom of the past (we are more advanced than them! attitude) then we will completely self-annihilate our culture and society. Since we find ourselves reaching an existential debate on to whom this nation will belong in the future. I offer the example of King Alfred to show us the way. His situation was much more dire but he achieved things greater than many in the history of Kings and Nations.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Existential Crisis of Western Immigration

What is a complete bewilderment and surprises me, is how few understand that immigration is the next issue of importance. All these issues and very few others are more important for a nation's survival.

Our history already shows how immigration affects our national identity. Since schools are a joke, we cannot rely on them for absolutely anything of importance and must take the burden on ourselves to explain these things...
The Founding Fathers knew our American Experiment would only work if those who valued Liberty were participating in it. This is why immigration was allowed only from the British Isles and France, they valued Liberty in their political philosophy. This is also why white, male, property owners were only allowed to vote. Their vote represented a family (the chief unit of socio-economic activity, NOT the individual). Women are prone to emotional choices and authoritarian candidates. Needless to say, Africans did not fit this category, that is why philanthropists, clergy, and abolitionists (among whom was Abraham Lincoln) wanted to return Africans back to their homeland. See this (as an aside, I normally do not reference Wikipedia, I do in this case since the references for this online entry are all printed materials). Our British political heritage allowed those inclined towards Liberty (understood to include and exclude those as explained above) to make, enforce, and interpret the laws for the Land of Liberty.

This was the underlying assumption the Founders possessed that was so widely held it was rarely spoken, let alone written for political posterity. This was our English heritage, our political backbone, and it gave us the Constitution. The founders were confident the Constitution would work given the citizens understood (at the very least) all these above things.

The problems started when immigration was not properly controlled; I.e. our nation was letting in too many Germans.

Benjamin Franklin was ignored and no one raised the severity of the issue (much like today!), so the trend continued... After a time, the country was so full of Germans and ripe with opportunity for German political pursuits, the Republican party was formed with the political agenda of exiled revolutionary German Marxists. See this for more detail.

It should be no surprise that after a few decades, it was then the Republican party that started the Progressive Movement. With so much corruption the opportunists in the Democrat party hijacked their own party to get a share of the pie and try to realize their utopian visions.

So here we are, but I see that we are entering another political shift that has the potential to wreck as much havoc that we experienced between the Founding and now, if not more. For the last 50 years, we have lost control (again) of our immigration. It became rampantly out of control after a few years into Obama's presidency. The next 5 to 10 years I suspect is all the remaining time we have to avoid another massive political shift. The societal and cultural shift had already taken place and I suspect we have already lost. It is all the same monster but attacking from different directions with different ferocity.

So immigration is the highest policy issue after any issues from the first paragraph. Terrorism is not the next most important. We would not have terrorism if we took immigration seriously. All 9/11 hijackers entered America legally. A general policy of keeping all Muslims out of a non-Muslim country is very reasonable. Every non-Muslim human being in the last 1500 years of human history would agree. Today, those who disagree and have read any history are simply sick, not thinking, or are not sane.

There are many "conservatives" who just want everyone to obey the Constitution and this would let everything fall back into place as the Founders intended. They are kidding themselves. The excellent blog, "The Anti-Gnostic" explains this here.

The Constitution is not worth a hill of beans if the British-descended people that wrote it, studied it, and cared for it are wiped out of their own nation as a result of birth control hedonism and multicultural insanity. Because of all of these unfolding events, I have come to consider short-sightedness a serious vice. This is the only outcome of our short-sightedness:

(Note: This video gets taken down a lot since it is considered "hate speech" by the radical politically correct crowd. If link is broken Google "Voice of Europe".)

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Tribalism in Orthodoxy and a Perspective on the recent Synod in Crete.

The purpose of Pan-Orthodox Synod was “the affirmation of unity[1]” according to Rev. John Chryssavgis (a spokesman for the Ecumenical Patriarch). In the messaging for the public, this certainly means a unity between the Orthodox cultural groups. The Ecumenical Patriarch seems to not have taken this too seriously given that he has ignored Antioch’s continued plea to resolve the dispute between Antioch and Jerusalem. However, a more private and nefarious meaning is a theme of “unity” of all Christians in “love.” By saying “Unity” this would be some kind of invisible, nebulous (read false) unity no one would want to describe in any detail. By saying “Love” this probably means the same kind of “love” that the #LoveWins hashtag grossly distorts. Eventually (Thank God!), the Orthodox bishops who actually understand the Tradition revolted against this during discussions of the document Relations of the Orthodox Church with the rest of the Christian World. This was the document that manifested that purpose. This language is newspeak for a religious version of Orthodoxy where truth is second to “love” or a warm and fuzzy feeling for every religion, teaching everyone is the same and we should hold hands and sing camp fire songs, etc.

This infection in the Body of Christ will eventually get purged because His Body is pure. Until then, we must protect anyone from contamination by this crafty new sickness of the evil one. Today, Orthodox immigrants to the West try to find relevance in their new home countries. Many came, bought land to build a Temple, continued to own it (instead of the Diocese, as is appropriate), then hunkered down and have had this tribal mentality. They dictate their demands to their bishop, cycling out priests with whom they disagree, and threatening (spoken or unspoken) of the withdrawal of funds to the diocese if things do not go their way. By their dislike (for some that is putting it mildly) for the monasteries, they want little to do with the Orthodox Tradition. They never made the Faith their own. Trying to keep this tribal culture relevant in their communities, attention is given to issues the secular elites tell us to care about (e.g. social justice, the environment). Parishes, then, invest time in a plethora of programs or activities. These are ideas from Protestants but tribalism in Orthodoxy will give them a quasi-Orthodox flavoring. Services are not frequent. Even then, tribalism has the audacity, among some in parishes and in dioceses, to renovate the liturgical services (e.g. abbreviations, reordering, harmonization, adding secular music for Communion hymns, implementing organs, etc.) The Holy Fathers’ words are rarely heard in homilies or conversations in tribal circles. Orthodox immigration to the West was not for religious reasons, generally speaking. I should think this is apparent. The West is spiritually bankrupt and has been on this course for a while. Immigrants came here out of concern for physical well-being and prosperity (again, speaking generally). It should be no surprise that those immigrants, who eventually became infected with tribalism, would consequently be prone to corrupting their expression of Orthodoxy.

Orthodoxy, today, is in a similar situation the ancient nation of Israel. “[Israel and its neighbors lived] along the coastlines of the eastern Mediterranean Sea (the Levant… The Levant was the crossroads of the ancient Near East; a land-bridge connecting three continents. Cultural influences flowed into the southern Levant from Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Syria, and the numerous people groups living in this land-bridge comprised a virtual melting pot of the ancient world. We have plenty of evidence to suggest that Israel reflected that cultural diversity comfortably.[2]” Most believe the Holy Land was intentionally for God’s people (among other reasons) to expose the True God to the world as they journeyed to Israel and through it. This was one means of preparation for the coming of Christ to join all people to Himself. Instead they were infected by paganism, were continually falling into idolatry, and then judged by God for it. Like ancient Israel, in tribal parishes, idolatry is chosen instead of pronouncing the God-saving truth to our neighbors. What else would you call a gathering of the New Israel altering their worship to reflect their heterodox neighbors?

Orthodoxy is the one true Church and She, alone, can bring healing to the soul for communion with God. We should not be overly interested in the goings-on of other heretical confessions. They will sway with the times and falter under new attacks of the evil one. They live in darkness and cannot see the fullness of Truth and Goodness since they do not have the light of Christ. All these programs, all these parish activities, do not add up to anything when all the commandments of Christ are not followed. St. Ignatius Brianchaninov puts it this way:
   “Has some good thought come to you? Stop! Whatever you do, do not rush to implement it or carry it out overhastily, without thinking. Have you felt some good impulse or inclination in your heart? Stop! Do not dare to be drawn by it. Check it with the Gospel. See whether your good thought and your heart’s good impulse tally with the Lord’s holy teaching.
   “You will soon see that there is no agreement whatever between the good of the Gospel and the good of fallen human nature. The good of our fallen nature is mixed with evil, and therefore this good has itself become evil, just as delicious and wholesome food becomes poison when it is mixed with poison.
   “Guard yourself from doing the good of fallen nature. By doing the good, you develop your own fall, you develop within you self-opinion and pride, and you will attain the closest conformity with demons. On the other hand, by doing the good of the Gospel as a true and faithful disciple of the God-Man, you will become like the God-Man. ‘He who loves his life will lose it, but he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.’ ‘Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and for the gospel’s will save it.’
   “The Lord orders complete renunciation of fallen nature, and hatred for its motives and impulses, not only for those that are obviously evil, but for all without exception even the apparently good. It is a great disaster to follow the righteousness of fallen nature. This implies and involves rejection of the Gospel, rejection of the Redeemer, rejection of salation. ‘Whoever does not hate… his own life also, hi cannot be My disciple,’ said the Lord.[3]

Therefore we should discern the false lifestyle of tribalism where some attempt to establish a morally superior position like any atheist social-justice warrior. No saints whatsoever have exhibited the behavior of tribalism. The saints of the last century have been harshly rebuking this gross form of love and false unity whenever it came to them. One can easily find St. Justin Popovich or St. Paisios the Athonite speak against the spirit of any given Orthodox tribe. Our job as the Faithful is listen to men who heal themselves and hear the Holy Spirit counseling us to take no part in this. Any council of any worth would be composed of these type of men, God-bearing Fathers. These Fathers are led by the Holy Spirit through theoria to express the Faith. Today, the Fathers condemn the scholastic-protestant religion of the intellectual academics in service to the spirit of antichrist. These misguided, sad, and sick souls that take pleasure in the recent Council meeting with viewing public and giving the public a sense of awe that the media describe as historic. They desire this Synod to approve documents in a matter totally alien from how all true “Holy and Great” councils have done in the past[4]. Orthodox Councils, which the Church embraces, were councils to which the people of God gave an “Amen.” They are councils that later councils validated and called Holy and Great. To call a Council “Holy and Great” prematurely is the height of hubris by the Tradition-ignorant spirit of tribalism. Discern the truth is not with them, but with the Saints!