Saturday, March 4, 2017

Levels of Woke for Conversations with Normies

A personal list I created to help gauge the level of conversation that can be divulged for one who is trying to understand the situation of the world in which we find ourselves. Useful as a scale to determine what information to hold back until such a time when one further level is accepted. This can serve as a guide for one assisting those who genuinely want understanding but can only take small dosages at a time.

(1) Left and Right are the same and funded/influenced by the same people, i.e. the elites.

(2) The elites are the uber-rich and 1% of the 1%. They are invested in and profit from an unhealthy society.

(3) The elites manufacturer our unhealthy society then maintain and further it so their power and profits grow. This is done by a variety of means, including but not limited to these cross-national and historical methods:
  • Banking control to dictate economic and monetary policy all the while being those who actually hold the wealth of a given nation/society/monarchy.
  • Sexual revolution (from feminism and breakdown of families to perverse sexual behavior destroying lives yet, in our day, held as one's identity)
  • Foreign elements causing social chaos (from increases of crime to draining the economy)
  • Misinformation efforts and political revolutionary fervor (involving media, education, and entertainment that rewrites history, makes up boogiemen, gives mockery or attack to those resisting or opposing their efforts)
  • Military Industrial Complex as a means of force to protect and/or further their profiteering schemes.

(4) These uber-wealthy elites have been about this exact work for many episodes in Christian history and in many places throughout the world. Their efforts are inherently anti-Christian. A devout Christian ought to be committed to opposing them. Acceptance or turning a blind eye to it is tantamount to denying the Faith. Christianity and secularism are incompatible.

(5) These uber-wealthy "elites" are primarily Jews. In the eighteenth to twentieth century they were assisted by mostly Freemasons. In the twenty-first century, they are assisted by Anglo-sellouts (some Masonic lodges are still at work) who were raised in a successful family and have an obsessive sense of entitlement. There is no such thing as "Judeo-Christian values."

(6) These powerful Jews and their Gnostic-minded collaborators pursue their selfish and destructive agenda precisely because they reject God and Christ who is Logos (therefore the God-ordained reason and order for mankind).

(7) Furthermore... the aforementioned Jews, Freemasons, and sellouts (often with a gnostic worldview) are mostly satanists who together and behind closed doors are engaged in grotesque and profoundly perverse demonic rituals. These satanic rituals bind this community together for collaboration in their schemes. They have orchestrated the mass-murders of millions of Christians since the time of Christ, through about every century, even up to this day. This is the full explanation behind level 4.

Thank you to the Orthobros, Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, E. Michael Jones, WikiLeaks and the year 2016 for bringing my own awareness to these things. This is a guide for conversation and not an apologetic treatise. The evidence is there for those who honestly look for it.